My Future Provider

As a parent or guardian, the best gift you can give your child is that of quality education and there’s no better way to do so than with My Future Provider, a product that allows you (the investor) to plan for your children’s education. Your sound investment is protected against inflation and withdrawals are given directly to you, the policyholder for flexibility of decision making. Cash withdrawals are allowed from the 5th year.

My Future Provider is a Multi-Cash Plan branded and adapted to meet the educational needs of a child. It is an investment that helps you save for your child’s future educational needs. After just five years you will be able to use part of the investment on a yearly basis to settle education costs.

Advantages of the My Future

  • Provides a secure investment through the Smooth Bonus Fund
  • Provides savings for a children’s education whilst allowing medium term liquidity for school uniforms or tuition if sufficient investment in made
  • Provides lumpsum funds at maturity for Tertiary Educational needs
  • Loan facility available against the policy at RSA prime plus 5%

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