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As you plan for your retirement, selecting the right individual product can be challenging. Metropolitan Botswana can assist you with a plan that’s best suited to you. Pension provider allows you the peace of mind of knowing that you will have financial security and stability during your retirement years. Your retirement investment is safe from creditors and the earliest retirement age is 55. Contributions are tax deductible.

The Pension Provider is a completely flexible retirement annuity policy. Pension Provider helps you invest during your working years. Your retirement annuity will give you a maximum cash lump sum equivalent to one third of the value of your investment. The one-third is tax free. The other two-thirds of the value of the policy is invested into what is known as a compulsory annuity which you can buy in Metropolitan Life or a life assurer of your choice. The two-thirds investment is compulsory by and provides pension for life.

Advantages of the Pension Plan

  • Providers lumpsum funds at retirement (1/3 Tax free)
  • Provides monthly income after retirement for life
  • Creditors cannot lay claim to proceeds of this policy
  • Premiums paid are tax deductible (up to certain limits)
  • Pension provider invests your money in the Smoothed bonus portfolio which provides stable return to your investments
  • Policy does not terminate when you change employers
  • Provides lumpsum inheritance on death

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