Financial Provider

The investment plan that helps you provide a you provide a secure future your loves ones.

Metropolitan Botswana’s Financial Provider provides your family with financial security in the event of your death or disability. As the policy holder for Financial Provider, you can use it as security, and to ensure fill protection from uncertainty, you can add accident and disability.

Financial Provider is a combination of life cover and investment. The sum of the balances in the Investment and Mortality Funds is payable at maturity date. It can also be selected as a whole life policy. In the case of death prior to the maturity date, the greater of the sum insured and the sum of the balances in the Investment and Mortality Funds is payable. A portion of the basic premium is paid into the Mortality Fund and the balance is paid into the Investment Fund. The cost of the basic life cover is taken from the Mortality fund and policy administration expenses are taken from the Investment Fund.

Advantages of the Cash Back Hospital Plan

  • Combination of Life Cover & Investment
  • Provides lumpsum cash benefit on death as inheritance
  • Unique supplementary benefits including Major Medical & Accidental
  • Allows term & whole life cover

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