MultiCash Plan

The Multi Cash Plan is an investment product that allows you to plan for future projects such as wedding, holiday, home refurbishment or any way choose to spend your money. This unique product allows you, access to cash at no charge after the first five years of investing, as well as annual withdrawals thereafter! Your investment can be protected against inflation, and you will have access to the funds after a period of 5 years.

Multi Cash Plan is an endowment policy. Your money is invested in Metropolitan Life’s Smooth Bonus Portfolio. The big difference between the Multi Cash Plan and most other endowment polices is that you have access to your funds after the 5th policy year before maturity and without any penalties. Multi Cash Plan is the ideal investment with which to save money for your future goals as well as ensure the liquidity of your investment in the short run.


Advantages of the Multicash Plan

  • Provides a secure investment through the Smooth Bonus Fund
  • Provides savings for a long term plan whilst allowing medium term liquidity
  • Provides lumpsum funds at maturity
  • Can provide a lumpsum inheritance on death to beneficiaries
  • Can provide life Funeral Benefit even after a maturity of policy
  • Loan facility available against the policy at RSA prime plus 5%

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