Hospital CashBack Plan

Hospital Cash Back Plan is a policy that compliments your medical aid by protecting you and your family against loss of income due to hospitalization. With a daily benefit allowance and a bonus that rewards you for not being hospitalized, you can only win with this unique product.

Cash Back Hospital Plan will take the form of a hospital cash / income replacement policy with a cash-back element.  A daily benefit will be paid for every full day spent in hospital, as of day one (as long as the insured life has been hospitalised for at least 24 hours). The benefit will be doubled if hospitalisation is in ICU

Advantages of the Cash Back Hospital Plan

  • Income replacement benefits and is not a substitute for medical aid membership. “This is not a medical scheme and the cover is not equivalent to that of a medical scheme”.
  • The dual cash-back benefit: one paid as long as the policy is still in force, and one being a no-claim bonus payment.
  • The cash-backs will be seen as an automatic partial surrender (subject to the normal rules regarding partial surrenders – i.e. only one partial will be available in the first five years, and the policy owner must apply for the partial).

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