Metropolitan Recognizes top Achievers

10 March, 2014

Metropolitan Botswana held a glittering Gala event to recognise the achievements of its most outstanding employees at a low key ceremony at Gaborone International Convention Centre(GICC) Saturday night.

"It is important to note that financial advisors have a critical role to play in the market and the economy of this country. The main role is to educate us and the nation at large on a variety of issues pertaining to wealth creation," said Thabo Lejowa, Regional Manager for Metropolitan Botswana.

He said, "This includes regulatory framework governing our industry. There is a growing trend to put through strict regulatory requirements in the market. This places the responsibility on us as financial advisors to educate our customers on different regulations."

Lejowa stressed the importance of excellence in customer service.

"It is of paramount importance to ensure that our products are relevant, that our documents are of good quality and most of all that our turn around times on clients' requests are reasonable and competitive," said Lejowa.

He said, "We as financial advisors are in a better position to represent our clients, hence the responsibility is yet again placed on us to challenge the relevance or the lack there of our products and operational efficiencies. As I mentioned we should boldly challenge the status quo."

Metropolitan Botswana therefore created the the annual DW/BPI (Direct Writer Agent Award), who allegedly possesses a number of important qualities.

A DW/BPI as we affectionately refer is:

• The guy you call when you are serious about creating a legacy.

• The guy you trust "undividedly"with your money

• The guy, you will thank one day

• The guy who sacrifices himself for the benefit of others.

The DW/BPI/BPI is a rare type of being, and it is in this regard that their achievements were celebrated by Metroplitan Botswana. They are those individuals and teams that have gone above and beyond their set targets/performance and continue to be shinining examples for all employees.

To qualify for the annual DW/BPI/BPI awards, Metropolitan Botswana financial Advisors must have a consistent portfolio comprising of:

• Conservation above 80% for all competitions

• PCR (Premium Collection Ratio) should be above 80% for all competitions

• 20% of the business should have rider benefits attached.

Prizes were allocated in 3 key categories:


Mmelegi competition

How to qualify Mmelegi

To qualify for the Mmelegi award our DW/BPI MUST:
Record the highest number of Mmelegi policies sold.
The Nominees were.......

Judith Dube, Mpuleng Motshwaedi and Lydia Moeletsi

The Winner was Lydia Moeletsi

Annual Competition

APE Competition Rewarded to largest premium income. This is our millionaire

Jennifer Kobuoa, Mpuleng Motshwaedi and Oganeditse Ruele.

The winner was Jennifer Kobuoa


Number of Policies

This is awarded to the hardest worker.

Judith Dube, Mpuleng Motshwaedi and Lydia Moeletsi

The Winner was Lydia Moeletsi

Prizes were also allocated to the following:

Best New comer Male - Kelebileone Motswakgonnye

The best newcomer Female - Lydia Moeletsi

Best Overall Performance

This is the person who has been able to consistently balance their

• Production in premium

• Production in policy number

• Conservation

• Policy collection ratio

• And most importantly been able to do this month in month out without taking a break

• Overall winner

The winner was Oganeditse Ruele

Team Awards

The team awards were dedicated to the collective that makes set an example throughout the year based on the following criteria is:

• Most Profitable Portfolio

• Most Improved Portfolio

• Best in quality business

• Overall Performing Portfolio

Winner Gomolemo Mothusi and Team - The team seats at an impressive 86% in conservation as they continue to set the trend in terms of true insurance principles.

Francistown Labo Dikgosi and Team were also lauded. With and impressive 88% in conservation these are the Kings and Queens of quality business.

The Metropolitan long service awards, were also awarded in recognition of those individuals who have been servicing Metropolitan for more than five years.

These are individuals who have reached 5 years perseverance in the retail space:

• Moses Thimbungu

• Themba Major

• Ditiro Paulos

• Tumelo Mangana

• Mpuleng Motshwaedi

• Fridah Chepete

• Tebo Sithole

• Lesego Ramodimo

• Boipuso Mpatisang

• Mokonda Moses Phefo

• Abraham Simasiku

• Labo Pearl Dikgosi

• Thabo Rider Lejowa

• Gomolemo Kennedy Mothusi

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