Metropolitan Bots Celebrates 34% Despite Economic Down Turn

03 August, 2015

Metropolitan Botswana CEO Frickie Augustin On Saturday night announced that his company has posted 34 percent growth despite economic down turn that is currently going on in Botswana. 

Speaking at an event to recognise excellence in his company at the GICC, Augustin noted that four years ago their business retention was 56 percent , but today it is  82 percent .

He paid tribute to his workers who continued to take clients seriously to retain trust and confidence.August in hailed the sales agents as the most important people in their business because they are the company’s first point of contact with clients.

Augustin said the days of fly-by-night sales agents are over and no sales agent can sustain trying to cheat people because they will be caught.

Augustin said the fantastic year has also seen fundamental changes   within Botswana as Metropolitan Botswana embraced health business, with Metropolitan Health servicing Botsogo Health medical Aid Scheme.

Augustin added that today Metropolitan Botswana and Botsogo are housed at the same building at the CBD as sister companies.

He also announced that Metropolitan Botswana is now a 100 percentcompany owned by the mother company, after the majority shareholder Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) was bought out at their own request.

“ We are currently busy trying to find local partners, we believe in Batswana; we are having meetings this week, with prospective shareholders”, Augustin added.

He also announced Metropolitan’s plan to launch an Asset Management Company very soon

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